Del Vinyl Entertainment

Company Profile est. 2012

Del Vinyl literally translates to “From Vinyl”.  


We're a Boutique Dj Entertainment Company that provides an authentic Dj style more exciting than the norm.  Del Vinyl is:

Owner- Rob "Dj Greedo" Gri

Office Administration- Nadia Gri

Dj- Sean Caff

MC- Chris Atwell

AV Tech/MC- Ross Adderley

AV/Dj Tech- Adonis Machado

Why Us?

You recognize that the Dj can make or break your event and you want tried,tested, & true quality.  You get peace of mind knowing that you're booking with a dedicated and experienced Dj that knows how, what, & when to play (intuitively).  Playing two songs at once and making it sound good takes years of experience.  In a party setting people now a days get bored quickly with a person who just plays songs (it's easy anybody can do it) or is not experienced enough to know how to rock it.  Our music library selection is 20 years deep.  We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few companies out there, that stays true to the art & culture of real Deejaying.    

Mission Statement

Our passion is to provide fun, original, & tasteful Dj entertainment for music lovers of all ages by performing the authentic art of Deejaying. Turntablism, vinyl, analog, digital, audio, video, MC, & Lighting are the performance services we offer. Our goal is to help people have the time of their life & make connections to people that may never have happened!



-Only use paper made from 95% sugar cane which saves trees & forests.

-Equipment is new & Energy Star stamped efficient.

-Only use rechargeable batteries starting in 2015 which saved 34 batteries (2014 amount) from going to recycling. 

-Only garbage waste are small replacement needles, gaff tape, and worn out serato records (about 6 a year), with these records we have found a way to recycle/stylize and give back to clients for a really cool decoration. 



Robert Placido Anthony Gri




Owner Robert Placido Anthony Gri "DjGreedo".  Turntablist.  

Starting off in 1996 as a skinny 14 year old high school cafeteria Dj, to competing in DMC Dj competitions, to running a business with Del Vinyl since 2013.  He's earned a few stripes!  Experience, presence, and positive composure even under duress are what makes him a priceless staple to events!  

Rob is constantly attending professional development seminars and learning from the best in the Industry.   Developing many new skills like MCing and Music Video Vjing on Vinyl (#SkratchVideo).   A dedication and life long passion is what makes it clear you will always see a better version every time you see him performing.   


“When words leave off, music begins”

Del Vinyl Entertainment is boutique style company that takes pride in the fact that we have a few of Toronto's best MCs, DJs, & support staff in the industry!  

Events coordinator Nadia                                      Dj Caff

Av Tech/Dj Adonis

Av Tech/MC Ross

MC Chris 

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