It's no secret people remember the Music & food most!

Why us?

We specialize in weddings & our clients chose us because they love our passion, talent, distinct approach, and how we represent them. They chose us because they want a Dj style and look that is more exciting/authentic than the norm.  They chose us because they didn't want a big wedding factory Dj company that does not allow them to meet their Dj until the day of.  

Our Story

In 2007 Owner Robert Gri was getting married and wanted what most B&G's want, an amazing party!         A real tastemaker with experience and definitely not a cliche "Wedding DJ".  It could not be found in the wedding market at the time,  so he hired a Wedding Dj & a talented Club Dj. Ten years later people still say it was the best wedding they have ever been to!  After attending many friend's embarrassing weddings,  it was quite clear there was a huge void in the market & with many other friends wanting this for their weddings.  Thus Del Vinyl was born!  

With Del Vinyl you can get the best of both worlds!  

What We Do

We provide Dj, Vj (Skratch Video), MC/Hosting, complete AV setups, ambient lighting, and special effects (click here for lighting).  We provide expertise from years of successful weddings.  We offer you an insider document with priceless ideas that you're not going to find on google!  We provide a popular online request system that you and all your guests have the luxury of logging in through on our website!!! 

When you book

You hire a top tier Turntablist Dj & a (3X) award winning eco-responsible company that cares more about the success of the wedding than you do!  Back up equipment, Insured, member of the CPDJA, & Chamber of Commerce Business member. 


Call Monday to Thursday - 10am-5pm - 1-647-892-2837 - (or by appointment -              



Wedding Packages & Pricing

Below are Wedding packages that have been put together based off the needs of our clients over the years.  They are the culmination of many different set up styles with different lightscaping to create a best of the best definitive package collection.  All packages (except base) include a two person team. 

You only get one shot at it!

We also wanted to make sure our packages include everything most weddings need so there will never be an extra last minute charge because the party wanted to go longer (most do), or separate ceremony set up locations, etc..   

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Click here to view full wedding packages pdf

(You can also download the pdf and view offline in the upper right hand corner)


Photo credit Jesse @ Bows & Lavender & Justin Main @ Photified


Ceremony Set Up

Including Wireless Mic, Mic Stand, Small Audio PA Set up, & Music.

Experienced in LGBTQ Weddings!

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