Bill & Steff Di Caro's Halloween Engagement Party

Well I am happy to start my first blog entry off with my good friends Bill & Steff Di Caro!

I will be doing a blog entry every time I have an event to show what I have been up to and how it all went down.   

These are my testaments in the life as a Dj !!!

This was a very fun night, lots of great costumes, nice prizes, legit Italian food, & a packed dance floor with Deejaying by yours truly, Dj Leo D, & Bill which he wasnt' supposed to do!!  Dj Leo D dropped a nice 90's Euro set that brought everybody back to the Vaurnet France & Blossom days while I dropped a tight Halloween set.

Congratulations to Bill & Steff !!!

dancefloor pic 1.JPG
work dammit.jpg
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