Disco B-Day Bash @ The Olympia

Disco is like 80's music there's good cheese and bad. This was a night of organic fromage flown in from France! Forget the common misconceptions and cliche stereo types, Disco is hell a fresh. MJ, Kool & the Gang, Vaughn Mason & Crew-Bounce Roll Skate, Earth, Wind, & Fire, KC & The Sunshine Band, Diana Ross, Bee Gees exc...

This was a surprise 40th B-Day Disco Party. I provided some of the original style lighting borrowed from a Dj friend who Deejayed back then and it really gave it that 70's good times feel!! After two hours of Disco the night mixed in to top 40, 90's Hip Hop, & a special Beastie Boys tribute set.

R.I.P. MCA of the Beastie Boys

Happy B-Day to Disco Dan !!!

Disco Ball web.jpg

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