S.D.S.S. Music Club Banquet @ Sleepy Hollow Golf Course

Back again for the third year, I had to do this night up big!

This High School's mascot is a Spartan, so I played the infamous "This Is Sparta", sample from the movie 300 to start the night off and at a few other key moments.  I also have a new projector that displays custom logo's. So I projected their school mascot on the roof and it looked like the bat symbol calling for Batman!!!

The new venue it was held at this year, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course, was outstanding.  Just a real classy, cool, good vibed place with amazing food.  Music of the night was Hip Hop, RnB, & Dance/top 40.  I loved playing for this music club crowd because they appreciate the real style of deejaying and were going nuts hearing the mixes coming in!!!  

I also had the pleasure in having my new friend Charles from 3Owls Entertainment out helping me and taking some amazing video and pics of the night.  Check Charles out @ www.3owls.ca.


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