Top Gun Work Shop with Alan Dodson

As an award winning Dj and undisputed industry leader,  Alan Dodson's Top Gun training workshop is designed to transcend Professional Dj Companies to that next level.  

"The people that attend these workshops are usually those who are already leaders in their markets.  Like the Navy's Top Gun Program, it is our goal to take the best, and make them better.  The best of the best of the best!" 

This course breaks down the different sections of the business and how to utilize successful concepts.   As a growing, passionate, artistic, and experienced Dj this is one of the many ways I solidify the hype and buzz my company has.  

I found the work shop to be quite comprehensive and filled with many insider tips.  Alan is a brilliant and fascinating Dj with a lot of character, there is no doubt his solid approach has got him where he is.  

Continuous training, knowledge, perseverance, and experience is how Del Vinyl Entertainment steps it up once again! 


In this picture from left to right:  Rob from Del Vinyl entertainment, Dave from Dj Alpha productions, Alan Dodson and, Barry from, and Rich from


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