Jason & Brenda's Wedding @ ABYC Toronto

So this is a first, a surprise wedding !

Jason & Brenda pulled it off well although a few guests, I think, suspected that something was up!  This camping themed surprise wedding was located on the gorgeous Toronto shorelines @ Ash Bridges Bay Yacht Club.  I really enjoyed this location and if you are looking for unique spot with beautiful scenery ABYC is the place to be!  I think the best piece of advice I can give to engaged couples looking for a unique wedding venue is to ask your Dj!  As a Professional Wedding Dj I can most certainly tell you where the gems are depending on what you are looking for.  

Jason and Brenda had a couple of cool wedding games.  One was a Shaquille O'Neal sized Jenga!  The other was a creative combination of the Price Is Right's Plinko meets a Kissing game-"Plinkiss".  Depending on where your disc landed, the Newlyweds had to either kiss, the player had to kiss someone, sing a bar of a love song, and or do a gangnam style dance!

Congratulations to Jason & Brenda !!!