Toronto Wedding Trends & Top 10 Wedding Songs in 2013

Here are the top Wedding trends for Brides and Grooms that are expected to be popular according to Wedding Wire for 2014.

The two from this list that I have seen personally in the Toronto GTA area the most are the explosion of the Photo Booth and the custom instagram,facebook, and twitter hashtags.  This is such an amazing platform to step up any event by being able to see all the smartphone and photo booth pictures in a live fead that you can download and enjoy easily!  

Another huge trend I noticed this year was the re-emergence of the now retro 90's music.  A lot of couples getting married are in this 90's era age group and also with Much Music showing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air after school it's no doubt the 90's are back !!!  All those songs we thought were cheesy back then are funny and great to party too at weddings now!  Songs like Sir Mixalot's-Baby Got Back, Fresh Prince Theme, NKOTB-The Right Stuff, Beck-Loser, Right Said Fred-I'm Too Sexy, and the list goes on and on !!!

I am also seeing a decline in the traditional wedding cakes a lot more.  Some wedding don't even have cakes.

Top Ten Wedding Songs in Toronto GTA Weddings 2013

1. Robin Thicke-Blurred Lines 

Undeniably the smash hit song of the year.  If you play this song your dance floor will be packed no matter what and it's still hot.  People are not sick of it yet !

2. Daft Punk-Get Lucky

My personal favourite of 2013.  This song mesmerized dance floors from the second it was released.  The remix I always play gets people going pretty crazy!  If the world was ending and I had one chance to hear a last song this would be it!

3. Icona Pop- This is the song that got all the women going crazy.  A guaranteed reaction and packed dance floor when you play this!

4. Britney Spears-Work

Yes the woman notoriously know for the gratuitous use of the word B*&ch like Snoop or Rick James B&*ch.  This song coming out later in the year absolutely struck a chord with women and men!  My personal fav for a Britney record and the beat really has a more underground electro type feel which is nice.

Macklemore-Can't Hold Us

An epic classic that people sing a long to and go especially crazy if you play it later on in the night.  Instant dance floor heater right here!

6. Miley Cyrus-Can't Stop

Yes the controversial Miley did her thing in 2013!  This song was surprisingly a big hit with the older generations as well.  Instant dance floor package and screaming when this mixes in!

7. Eminem-Berzerk 

I personally loved this song/video and was surprised at the response it got when I played it.  Not sure if many other Dj's were playing it that much which added to when I did play it?  When this song drops instant screaming and people singing the chorus going bezerk!

8. Lady Gaga-Applause

This song always got a great response and definitely her hottest song in a few years.

9. Bruno Mars-Locked out of Heaven

More popular at the start of the year this song was funny because it would get requested a lot but when I played it, it would get a mixed reaction.  Treasure was also a big hit but not the get the crowd in a frenzy type record.

10. Ke$ha-Timber

Gaining momentum at the end of 2013 this is a huge record and I think it's doing so well because it's a pop record that has a country feel appealing to a larger demographic. 

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