Choosing the Right Wedding Dj !



"Where words fail music speaks"

The modern day interpretation of the word "DJ" short for Disc Jockeys is where the confusion starts and fails when the music does not speak like it should!

The oxford Dictionary defines a "DJ" as: 

  • a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music on radio:

  • 1.1 a person who plays recorded dance music at a club or party

Wikipedia defines a Dj as:   

disc jockey (abbreviated D.J. or DJ) is a person who mixes recorded music for an audience. Originally, "disc" (sometimes spelled "disk", although this is now uncommon) referred to phonograph records, not the later compact discs. Today, the term includes all forms of music playback, no matter the medium.


With technology the art form and profession of Djing has evolved immensely.  The days of simply just playing music and making announcements is not enough to keep the current generations who are getting married or looking for entertainment happy.  They have all grown up on local and international mix show Dj's like Dj Starting From Scratch, Danny D, Armin Van Buuren, and Tiesto to name a few.  The difference of playing a whole song or having mixes coming in and out every few minutes is a huge deal especially with attention spans these days!   

A more modern Dj definition from states "a person who mixes recorded music".  So confusion with the general public who don't understand comes from an old definition.  The Disc Jockey, in reality are the older generation of Dj's who did not evolve with the times and apply these new standard skill sets for Dj Entertainment.  On the flip side to that there are also the newer generations of Dj's that have the technology to hit a sync button that will mix for them.  The problem with this new tool and cheaper technology is that now everybody thinks it's easy and they can become a Dj, go Paris Hilton !

Mixing music on beat, in key, and with proper timing/selection is a real art on it's own and thats not even including all the tricks, live remixing, and mash ups.  The transition between tracks is where the skill sets come in and the programming/selection is gained from experience and knowing your crowds.  

Club Dj vrs The Wedding Dj/Professional Mobile Dj

Club Dj's rock the crowd with all types of tricks and secret remix selections.  Wedding Dj's have a wide array of music catering to more diverse crowds and also provide lighting plus much more.  You want an amazing party from 3-11pm or 11-1am?  Club Dj's can handle their normal time slot and the majority of wedding Dj's do not have the skill sets to really rock the party from 11-1am like the Club Dj would but the Club Dj would probably be a disaster for 3-11pm.  

How to find a good well rounded Dj?

Ask to listen to their live mixes.  Read their online reviews through 3rd party websites.  Meet with them to find out if they have right personality.  Outgoing, confident, and a great sense of humour are usually key characteristics displayed in really good Dj's.

I personally hear at 95% of Wedding and corporate events from guests "Wow your actually a real Dj!".  Even with the in house A/V companies in wedding and corporate settings  they tell me "Majority of Dj's don't even mix or use the equipment for what its meant to be used for".

Im not going to knock the older generations of Disk Jockeys who do not mix because you can still do a great job to a certain demographic of crowds.  There is also the music that is not really meant to be mixed like crooner, classic rock, etc...  Certain styles of music come with their crowds accordingly and they want to appreciate the whole song.

I have been to and heard of way too many Weddings and private events that ended early because of a bad Dj's and this is disgraceful, especially to couples who have worked so hard to have what is supposed to be one of the best celebrations in life. 

I personally eat and breathe music and have a background in the club scene and music production. I have worked hard for many years stepping up my skills as a turntablist scratch style Wedding Dj and all these style traits I thought would never fly at weddings are now what sets me apart and put's me in that upper tier of Wedding Dj entertainment.     

In conclusion choosing the right Toronto Wedding Dj or private events Dj means doing your home-work, anybody can play music like anybody can take a picture!

I hope this inside information helps and makes your events what they should be!  If you have any concerns or disagree with anything said, please drop me a line and start the conversation!

Del Vinyl Entertainment 

Rob P.A. Gri/DjGreedo

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