Exciting year a head for 2015 !

Del Vinyl Won the couples choice award again !

To say 2014 was a crazy year is an understatement !  It was also one of the best years for quality music I have seen since the early 2000's.  Thank you House, thank you for coming back !!!

So what is new in store for Del Vinyl ?

Video on Vinyl - Music videos spun on Serato Vinyl like you have never seen before!  Very excited to offer this, in the right setting I've seen first hand how crowds go ballistic to it!  Special video edits include music scenes from well known movies and tv shows synced up to the actual song!   The EDM, 80's,90's,Y2K's, and my personal favourite rare disco 70's funk boogie videos are priceless!  This is how you give your night that extra entertainment boost that encourages dancing & fashion.  I really feel for music this is the ultimate expression of it's art !                                                                     Click - http://www.delvinyl.com/new-folder-1/#media 

Mailing list - I will be posting promotional mixes & public events on the regular this year and this is how you stay in the loop.  Every year I have 100's of tracks from the record pools that get slept on or never heard.  My goal is to help promote & support these talented artist so you will buy their single or album.   "Music is the soundtrack to you life"                                                                                                         Click - http://www.delvinyl.com/contact/

DJ Greedo branded - As I build Del Vinyl, I will also be working on the artistic side with Dj Greedo branded separately but still interweaved. Lot's of exciting projects,club/bar nights,album release parties,and fashion shows are coming up this year.  Star Wars is coming back and guess who was on Star Wars?  An intergalactic bounty hunter named Greedo.  I had quite a few people comment on that fact and loved the name, who isn't a Star Wars fan?!  I did a take on Star Wars & Greedo with the cutting edge Serato Video software. Click - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU_RwSQr3sk

In Conclusion - Love the fact that vinyl is back ! Looking forward to an excellent summer @ these amazing venues: Casa Loma, Royal Conservatory of Music, Berkeley Field House, Eglinton GrandeThe Fairmont Hotel, etc...  Del Vinyl branches away from the cliche "Wedding Dj" most people have only experienced or know to well.  I hired a "Wedding Dj" and a Club style Dj for my wedding 7 years ago.  When you book Del Vinyl you get the best of both worlds !

Thanks for checking out the blog and have an incredible 2015 !

Del Vinyl Entertainment 2015

Robert P.A. Gri / Dj Greedo