Music Video Wedding's

How do you take the level of entertainment for a wedding to the next level ?

Add the Video on Vinyl service just introduced for 2015.  We just booked our first Video on Vinyl show in the first month of offering it!  Very excited to offer this service and personally as a Dj of many years I think it's the best piece of technology to hit the Dj world ever!  The nostalgia, dancing, and fashion in the music videos helps create an extremely exciting atmosphere !!!

The customizing, creative, and highly entertaining options are endless!  Picture using a clip from celebrites in well known movies/tv shows to describe a bridal party member !  Perhaps we ask the groom who his mother in law reminds him of and show a clip of Godzilla destroying the city, a clip of Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama, or maybe Mrs. Doubtfire :) !!!

Thanks for reading and as always love to hear your feedback !

Robert Placido Anthony Gri / Dj Greedo

Here are a couple samples of Video on Vinyl !

80's Video Dance Mega Mix from DjGreedo on Vimeo.

Live Video Mix Performed By DjGreedo

Top 40 Video Dance Party Mix 2014 from DjGreedo on Vimeo.

Top 40 Video Dance Mix Promo