R&B's Fall Wedding @ Berkeley Field House

This October we provided Ceremony, Video, & a Dj Performance for Ryan & Brooke's Wedding @ The Berkeley Field House in Toronto.  After the ceremony followed a Motown cocktail hour in a trendy outdoor queen st. venue.  For the video the wanted the black & white classic Casablanca as backround ambiance which I thought was a really nice touch that fit the quasi Gatsby style !

Their first dance choice was Otis Redding's- Try A Little Tenderness (Jay-Z & Kanye-Otis original sample) which I now have to say is the best choice for a first dance yet !  Not only is the song just amazing but it starts slow and then progresses faster making the transition in to party more seamless !

Rob P.A. Gri / Dj Greedo

Del Vinyl Entertainment 2015