In House AV External Dj Pricing Explained

My goal is by no means to knock my colleagues here, it's to educate clients on their options so they can make a well informed choice for them self.

There are a lot of misconceptions couples get;

1>Do I have to use in house AV? No, not all venues make it mandatory - Make sure it is discussed prior to signing the contract.

2>If I book the mandatory in House AV system I'm financially forced in to going with In House Dj Company.  Not the case, some companies, including Del Vinyl, would have a break down in equipment pricing and you would not be charged for equipment not being used or be charged a % less.  For example when you book a package with Del Vinyl that is at a venue with in house equipment you get -15% off which is usually the same price or relatively close.

3>I was told I have to book the in house.  Illegal, you have every right to book who you want.  This is a common scare tactic I've heard of to force couples into booking.  

4>In House are the best option and that is why they are there.  Many large companies work in these venues and make the mistake of treating Weddings like numbers and lose the quality in their shows.  The bait and switch with what Dj they get is one of the biggest complaints I hear.  A Wedding is a very personalized service.  With the majority of the success taken on by the Entertainment, it's crucial to have a personalized service.

5>It's more cost effective to just go with the in house.  A lot of the in house DJ companies charge a lot more then the average and do the the exact same as any other average company.  This grip hold positioning allows them to charge like this.  Not saying this is the case with all.  Most companies who charge more generally are worth more for whatever unique skill set they bring to the table.  

6>Why is the venue pushing their in house so much?  They make additional revenue streams so of course it's just smart business on their part.  Perhaps they have a really good AV Dj company and it reflects on them.  There can be lot of wear,tear,& damage that accumulates over the years from outside vendors lugging heavy equipment in and out.


In house AV/DJ companies are great for many reasons as well.  Certain urban venues are difficult to set up for just one night, positioning of equipment can be better, & can be more cost effective if you just need sound with out a proper Entertainer.  

In the scenario above with the in House Dj the pricing came out around $2200.00 for everything.  Del Vinyl's pricing with the in house discount came within $50 of that same price thus proving you don't have to sacrifice quality or the right to choose who you want.


Hope this blog gives you a much better understanding!

Robert P.A. Gri /Dj Greedo



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