Perfect for a Monday - New Blog x Interesting Vinyl x Black History Month

Every Monday we will be blogging about a new vinyl or old vinyl of significant importance.  Perfect for a Monday is about the history, roots, and culture of the music.  As Dj company it only feels right that we acknowledge the hard working musicians that make up the soundtrack to our life and this business.  

The first record is very rare and largely accredited for being the first rap record.  Sugar Hill Gang's - Rappers Delight 7" 45.  

The interpolated sample was from Chic's- Good Times.  Lead member of Chic Niles Rogers and more recently he was on Daft Punk's modern day classic "Get Lucky", heard the song and threatened to take legal action.  An agreement was made and although Niles was unhappy with the record at first, he later stated "as innovative and important as 'Good Times' was, 'Rapper's Delight' was just as much, if not more so.".  This also brings up an interesting point with the beginnings of sampling.  This Innovative style of sampling became ingrained in Hip Hop culture and help create many other urban styles of music i.e. - House, Drum N Bass, Trap, etc...

On a personal level, I got into Djing because of rap.  Del Vinyl would most likely not exist if it was not for the love of music I acquired from Hip Hop.  Hip Hop culture has its roots with the African American/Canadian community.  We all need to properly acknowledge that fact no matter what race we are and appreciate it properly.  

With this first session of #perfectforamonday we celebrate Black History and Hip Hop culture!  

Love to hear your thoughts !

Robert P.A. Gri / Dj Greedo