Best Wedding Photographer Recommendation

Here is another amazing recommendation for Photography.  Mrs. Anastasia Giaouris @ Olive Photography!  

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Instagram/Twitter: @OlivePhotoTO

I have worked with many different levels of talented photographers and there are a few things that set her apart.  The one thing that impressed me most was her turnover rate for high end quality.  She was finished in a few weeks, which @ the top level is pretty rare in my experience.  Teasers were also out quite fast too, if I remember correctly, the next day!

The second thing was her personality.  I could tell the mesh of her personality and experience made things that can be difficult like getting all the people together in a bustling distillery district for the above picture, easy.  I have been told by a few brides that I am very calm and reassuring to be around and that they just want to be around me to talk and escape the madness most weddings can have.  I feel she has the same trait.  This is a huge benefit because the vendor's attitude can most definitely have an over all effect on guests and of course the work flow gets a better result for the client.  

Highly recommended and I believe she is booked for most of this 2015 season(possible non peak availability) but you might be lucky enough to get her for the 2016 Toronto wedding season.  Her accolades, features, and work speak for them self as you will see.


Have a great weekend !

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