Happy Earth Day! What Del Vinyl is doing.

Happy Earth Day !

I'm happy to spread awareness on a subject that is very important.  Respect and doing the right thing for a planet that gives us everything only seems right.  A proactive green legacy is what I/we owe to our sons/daughters and their offspring for a bright future !

In the picture above you can see the big bag of batteries which I can now put out with recycling (we have a new battery day in durham!).  These batteries are what I have used in two years with my wireless mic, I would use 2 double a's a night.  In 2015 I now use just these 4 rechargeable double a's.

The paper I use is Sustainable Earth which is made from 95% sugarcane.  That means it's completely responsible/sustainable plus helps reduce the need to harvest trees for paper.  The equipment I use is all modern energy efficient to todays standards.  The only other waste I have is serato vinyl records when they have worn out which I have a creative idea for!  I will soon be offering a package where your name or initials will be printed on the vinyl middle in a stylish way and it would be given as a gift as the record that played the soundtrack to a clients wedding to frame.

Occasionally I get a latte before work and there are all those paper cups for the year.  I plan on having a clean stationary to go cup always in the van now to reduce that waste. 

Love to hear what other businesses are doing and your thoughts, leave a comment below !

Rob Gri

Del Vinyl Entertainment

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