Entertaining Kids at Your Wedding

Now that Wedding season is in full swing this blog will come in handy !  I see it personally all the time, kids running around, making lots of noise during speeches, and other important moments.


Is your big day a Child friendly one? Many couples choose to have a "kid free" wedding, but if you want to include children on your big day here are a few ideas to keep them entertained!

Hire a professional Entertainer- A Magician, Spiderman, Cinderella, or Batman crashing your wedding? It’s a great idea to hire a professional entertainer to keep kids busy at your reception (maybe some adults will even join in on the fun!)

Hire a Babysitter-A babysitter is a great way to keep children busy and entertained in a separate area of the reception hall!

 Create a “kids table’ with “kid food and desserts"-A kid friendly food table will be a huge hit! Incorporate fun food( fries, mini burgers, etc) to keep little mouths busy or a “decorate your own cupcakes” table to get kids busy creating!

Put colouring sheets and crayons at each table-Take a cue from your favourite restaurants! Colouring sheets and activities are a great addition to the table settings to keep kiddies busy!

Create a “craft table” for the kids- Create a separate table with playdough and craft ideas to keep kids of all ages busy!

Have the DJ do a “kid dance party” before the dance officially starts-Bring your wedding DJ in on the fun! Create a kid dance party with “kid friendly” music….incorporate fun games like Dance freeze or show your moves! This is also entertainment for your other guests as well!

Have a separate fenced off “kid friendly” are with simple toys -Have an area fenced off in the room where the kids can be entertained and still monitored. Put some riding toys, Balls, etc.

Organize a hayride for kids if your wedding is in a Barn-There is nothing more fun than a hayride! Incorporate the excitement of having your big day on a farm into entertaining the kids!

Nature Walk for the kids-Allocate someone to take the kids on a Nature walk! The weather is great outside!

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