Casa Loma & Fields On West Lake Weddings !

This past long weekend I went from Casa Loma Toronto to the white sands of Prince Edward County's Fields on West Lake !

Two exceptionally charming & unique venues.  Casa Loma is part of the Liberty Group which offers the finest in dining and atmosphere, world class.  The history & vintage design is absolutely incredible.  The bride and her family were good home town friends growing up which  added an unparalleled personal touch to the reception !  

Fields on West Lake had a glowing warmth and really nice touch.  Excellent crowd to Dj for as the music ranged from Country to Trap !  Really enjoyed working with owners Lynn & Mark !  The groom is a paramedic and who would have thought on his wedding day the paramedics would have showed up, who he actually knew too ! #irony (nobody was hurt)

Congrats to Jarvis & Ashley & Andrew & Amanda, two amazing couples I really enjoyed working with !

Robert P.A. Gri

Del Vinyl Entertainment