Billboard's Resurgence of Vinyl !

2015 is the year to dust off your Dad’s old vinyl collection because vinyl is back !

Del Vinyl couldn’t be more excited about this Billboard article because that’s what our company is all about. There’s a reason why vinyl sales have increased by 52% (Thanks Hipsters :) in 2014. Part of the reasoning is if some one wants to buy an actual hard copy of an album they want vinyl.  With USB turntables it's a cool way to appreciate the art instead of the just playing it cold and soulless from your computer or device.  Of course there is nothing richer than the sultry sounds of a warm vinyl record sound filling the room!

For those looking for unique wedding ideas or themes such as the in style 2015 Gatsby and or Vintage.  It would be great to add vinyl to your wedding to add that authentic touch of that era. 

Vinyl was the first format we could listen to recorded music without the musicians.  It most definately has a special part in most peoples heart, which now amazingly has been passed on to yet another generation !

Robert P.A. Gri

Del Vinyl Entertainment 

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