First Video On Vinyl Wedding @ Deer Creek Ajax a big hit !

As a Dj for many years I've seen many cool and amazing Dj features but nothing compares to Video On Vinyl.  What is it?  It's music video's being controlled, mixed, & scratched live with Vinyl & Turntables creating a party atmosphere like no other !  

What would it be like to have all the most famous and talented musicians come sing a few songs at your wedding?  It would be like Video On Vinyl !  Many of the older classics like Al Green - Let's Stay Together are just a recording of him looking in to the camera singing like it's a video to you !!!

Del Vinyl has an impressive selection of rare music videos with many custom edits that absolutely 110% would give your wedding that above and beyond explosive "it" factor  !

Upgrade your wedding with the Video On Vinyl plug in or complete set up with 60" Flat Screens/Projectors.

Father Daughter - Luther Vandross -Dance With My Father

Matching glow in the dark Records with the chair covers.

Boyz 2 Men - A Song for Mama

& green Uplights !

Congrats to Renaldo & Miriam !

Del Vinyl Entertainment

Robert Placido Anthony Gri / Dj Greedo