Green Eco Friendly Wedding Options 2016

ECO Friendly Weddings

Del Vinyl prides itself in being an eco friendly company. Here are a few ideas to make your Wedding as eco friendly as possible

Invitations-Electronic invitations are a great idea. There are great options available for any consumer. Not computer savvy? There’s also an entire market of recycled invitations for you to choose from! Another great eco-friendly alternative is to Create a wedding website. A simple website with a personal URL can be set up for FREE which can include maps of locations and your guests can easily RSVP to your event!  They can also click the link to log to Del Vinyl's online request system and make special dedications/requests!

Food-Food is such an important part of your day! An organic or locally farmed meal at your wedding with in season food is becoming more accessible these days. Check out local Caterers that provide an organic or at least all natural free from menu.  Be sure to ask the venue if it includes organic cost effective options for meals.  There are many local craft breweries or wineries that sell in bulk to eliminate all the glass and plastic bottles if you are handling the alcohol.   


Botanical Gardens or an outdoor backdrop are beautiful and eco friendly options as opposed to using a Hall. Another great tip is to reuse bouquet and bridesmaids flowers in reception area and/or as centre pieces for your table settings.  Toronto Botanical Gardens is a great eco friendly venue we have performed at many times you should consider !


Try to bring the wedding to your guests as transportation has a huge impact and leaves a huge carbon footprint. You could look into hiring a bus to transport your guests too or from the location (carpool and it’s also a great idea for guests who are drinking) Choose an eco friendly location and make sure to look into how the venue recycles or is waste free.


Make your favours edible treats in recyclable glass or safe plastic containers such as homemade jam, wine, etc., so it is waste free. Many forward-thinking couples are also opting to donate to a green cause or charity on behalf of their guests in lieu of favours!

Wedding Dress

Another option is to buy your dress second hand or if you must buy brand new, ensure your dress has a second life. Donate it to an organization that takes wedding dresses or sell it yourself.  After two years most second hand business's will not accept them.


Eco-tourism is the way to go!! Try to make your destination purchase benefit the local economy of your destination in some way.  Honeymooning close to home is another option, many couples decide that a “stay-cation” might be the option for them. To say Ontario has many lovely options to explore is an understatement !

Love to hear all of your thoughts and or suggestions to improve this list !

Robert Gri

Del Vinyl Entertainment