5 Things No One Tells You About Picking Your Wedding Music

Repost from the www.theknot.com article written by Lauren Kay


1. Choosing your first-dance song will seem like the most epic decision ever.

And it kind of is. You want a song that will reflect the two of you as a couple. Try a few on for size and settle on something that works for both of you. Or if you really can't compromise, have your DJ create your own mash-up of two favorites.

Our experience - It is a very subjective choice that reflects your personalities.  Do you want the safe cliche choice or something more original that really has meaning.  We have many gem selections you will not easily find that you get have access to in our consultation.  Creating a mashup of two songs is second nature to us that can easily be done.  One other tip is to shorten the dance to 1.5 minutes approx.  People have short attention spans especially in 2016, why not leave them wanting more instead of talking while this once in a lifetime moment is happening.

2. You'll obsess over your dance skills (or your fiancé's total lack of them).

You may find yourself rushing to dance lessons every Monday night -- you've been warned. Maybe you have four left feet between the two of you or one of you is dead set on wowing guests at your reception. If you have the time and budget, we say get the lessons! Even if you loathe dancing, you'll spend 45 minutes locking eyes with your other half—there are worse ways to spend an evening, right? As soon as you figure out who's the leader, it may will be the best part of your wedding planning.

Our experience - Dance skills are worth the attention and excitement if that's what you want.  We just recently did a wedding where the first 1.5 minutes was Train-Marry Me and then into Drake-Hotline Bling.  They did the popular bad dance Drake does in in the music video, so sometimes bad is good and entertaining!  It's an emotional moment that you shouldn't stress too much about if you don't have dance skills.    


3. Just because your friend plays the violin doesn't mean she wants to perform at your ceremony.

If you really want your friend (who must be an invited guest) to participate in your nuptials, ask her nicely and give her an out immediately. Put yourself in her shoes -- it's hard to say no to a friend. If she does agree, allow her plenty of time to practice (in the months leading up to your wedding and the morning of) so she feels completely comfortable taking the stage. Then thank her profusely.

Our experience - This is a great point and I've seen it go well to completely flop.  Some couples opt to have their friend Dj the wedding.  Do you really want to take a chance with an amateur on one of the most expensive, time consuming, & important days of your life?

4. Not all sound systems are created equal.

Your venue may have a sound system or speakers on hand -- great news! But do yourself a favor and test them out (or, better yet, have your band or DJ do a sound check) to make sure you don't need something with more amp. Do this when there's still time to rent additional equipment, just in case.

Our experience - This is a great point most bride and grooms would not think about this.  A good professional Dj company would know the venue or do a site inspection ( which we do).  Not all in-house sound systems are good and this could have a real negative effect. 

5. You'll want to be the DJ.

Yes, it's your day. Music may be in your blood, but you've hired a professional for the night -- let them do their job. Talk to your DJ or bandleader about what kinds of music you like and dislike. Create a must-play list of about 10 songs you'd like to hear and a do-not play list of the forbidden tunes. And then, trust them to guide the music while you focus on cutting a rug.

Our experience - If you hired a good Dj let their experience and talent create that packed dance floor from start to finish.  Giving your Dj both your top 10 "must play" and all other songs "possibly play", plus "do not play" is essential.  A great Dj will know how and when to play specific genres with experienced programming.  Having an online request system like we do here @ Del Vinyl helps both of us gauge what your guests will want to hear.  Keeping people entertained for 4 + hours of all ages and music preferences is not as easy as hitting play with known popular songs.  Transitioning through music smoothly, sounding seamless, and fast mixing if need be is a skill set and art on its own.  Why does it matter?  People get bored of the Dj that Djs like they did 50 years ago and anybody can just play songs. 

Hope this blog helps and let us know if you're interested in hearing more or booking for your event!

Written originally by Lauren Kay @https://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-music-advice-2 with our experience written by owner Robert Gri.