Commitment To Better Business With The CDJ Show 2016

The CDJ show (  is the biggest annual Dj show in Canada!  This show caterers to the artistic & business side of the Dj & Music business.  Who attends?  Aspiring music producers, Club Djs, Wedding Dj's, AV Tech heads, Wedding/Event Planners, etc...

On the business side it's great to attend seminars from some of the industry's best business's who share their success's.  On the artistic side it's great to learn new techniques and interact with well known artists, producers, & Dj's.  Kardinal, Jully Black, Manzone & Strong, Dj Grouch, & world champions Dopey & Vekked to name a few.

This 3 day event is jam packed with seminars starting at 9am to 5pm.  You will find inspiration, education, creativity, & innovation here.  At Del Vinyl we are constantly looking for exciting ways to step up our game and this is a great source!

Thanks to Ryan Silver the show director (below in middle), The CDJA, The PA Shop, & everybody involved in producing the show.

Thanks to the speakers I saw Sean Caff (on right & does Del Vinyl Events!).

Sam Fleming Evolved Entertainment

Future Proofing For Dj's - Excellent presentation where Sean & Sam share their success with new technologies & concepts incorporating experience & history to stay ahead of the curve.

Howard Wallach - Proactive Habits - Developing Powerful tools for personal growth and success .  Thanks Howard I really appreciated your seminar, amazing work!

Brian S Redd -

Reading the Crowd - Music Programming.  Thanks to Brian great class & thanks for changing the game with your take on requests and that magic word!

Dj Vekked & Dj Brace -

Turntablism 101.  Excellent class for those interested in Turntablism & adding creativity to your sets.  Learn techniques from the reigning world DMC Champion Vekked & Canadian DMC Champ Dj Brace who also won the scratch competition!  They shared their techniques and experiences which were absolutely priceless.  Essential for beginners and great for the more experienced.

Although there are not pics of every seminar and we couldn't attend every one. Other great seminars attended were:

Dikran Poladian aka DJ Mushin” Pioneer DJ Pioneer Product Specialist who was profoundly esoteric and great.

Jordan St. Jaques - Digital Marketing - Mind Blown! This guy was phenomenal & paired up with Misstowa who was great as well.  

David Beal -  Being the Dj with Ethnic Music. Great educational class too! 

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