Hot Wedding Trends 2017

Not your typical cookie cutter wedding venue @ Bram Bluma Appel Salon in the Toronto Reference Library        Photo credit Neil Ta -

Recently the Vancouver Sun posted a great article asking two wedding planners what the trends are for 2017!

At Del Vinyl we are definitely seeing some of the same wedding trends along with a few others.  The first wedding planner is Arthur Kerekes of Fusion Events, Toronto.  I've worked with Arthur & can definitely vouch for him being one of the best stand out planners in the industry!

He say's out with rustic & in with greenery in the literal sense (floral & organic decor).  As a company (& on a personal level) we have always worked towards being a more eco conscious company.  This trend is a big win & much needed, as the weddings industry has a lot of unnecessary waste! 

Instead of your traditional sit down meal - cocktail, tapas, & 'Food Station' style have been popular with a more party oriented theme then your traditional formal reception.  Millennial's choosing Restaurants & non-tradional event spaces are on the rise.  Which leads to his next points about not having a cookie cutter wedding! 

Not just millennials are addicted to devices/screens/video, pretty much everybody is!  Which brings up the popularity we've seen for music video dance parties (Skratch Video as I call it).  I personally find millennials (also note I am one too lol) want more of an experience!  "Dis Generation" of youtubers are making songs popular with viral dances, that a lot of time you don't hear first on the radio or at the bar/club!  Which leads to the next point.  

I've noticed & not only with urban couples that music selections are becoming a little less mainstream, more indie, eclectic, & remixed.  This is mainly because of where they consume it.  The radio & cable TV vs online radio/steam (spotify,podcast) & netflix/youtube are similar to the "Video killed the radio star" comparison in the 80s.  Bye Felecia!

Soha Lavin - hails from the west coast Vancouver & also had some great insight, make sure to read the article!

Drop a comment below, love to hear your thoughts on new trends you're seeing!


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