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Thursday April 27th, 2017 we will be supplying the soundtrack to Cocktail Crawl's Spring Networking event @ The Uptown Loft Toronto.  2464 Yonge St, Toronto, ON. .  Right under Natalie Portman @

"Cocktail Crawl Social Club is Canada’s premier social networking event. We provide elite invitation-only networking events for the lifestyle connoisseur, urban professional and new immigrant entrepreneur. Our members come from a wide variety of industries who like to connect with other leading career individuals. We host networking events in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal."

For more information & tickets @

Rob Gri - Owner - Del Vinyl Entertainment 2017






Lindsay District Chamber Member 2017

Happy to announce that Del Vinyl is now officially a member of the Lindsay District Chamber of Commerce! - - We are the only Dj company member in the City of Kawartha Lakes & you can find us in the Arts, Culture, & Entertainment section @

Having grown up in the Kawartha Lakes, resident DJ @ Pane Vino, being a preferred vendor @ South Pond Farms, & Century Barn, the area definitely has a special connection to our entertainment business!

Really looking forward to participating in the business community with some great people!   

Del Vinyl Entertainment

Owner - Robert Gri



Hot Wedding Trends 2017

Not your typical cookie cutter wedding venue @ Bram Bluma Appel Salon in the Toronto Reference Library        Photo credit Neil Ta -

Recently the Vancouver Sun posted a great article asking two wedding planners what the trends are for 2017!

At Del Vinyl we are definitely seeing some of the same wedding trends along with a few others.  The first wedding planner is Arthur Kerekes of Fusion Events, Toronto.  I've worked with Arthur & can definitely vouch for him being one of the best stand out planners in the industry!

He say's out with rustic & in with greenery in the literal sense (floral & organic decor).  As a company (& on a personal level) we have always worked towards being a more eco conscious company.  This trend is a big win & much needed, as the weddings industry has a lot of unnecessary waste! 

Instead of your traditional sit down meal - cocktail, tapas, & 'Food Station' style have been popular with a more party oriented theme then your traditional formal reception.  Millennial's choosing Restaurants & non-tradional event spaces are on the rise.  Which leads to his next points about not having a cookie cutter wedding! 

Not just millennials are addicted to devices/screens/video, pretty much everybody is!  Which brings up the popularity we've seen for music video dance parties (Skratch Video as I call it).  I personally find millennials (also note I am one too lol) want more of an experience!  "Dis Generation" of youtubers are making songs popular with viral dances, that a lot of time you don't hear first on the radio or at the bar/club!  Which leads to the next point.  

I've noticed & not only with urban couples that music selections are becoming a little less mainstream, more indie, eclectic, & remixed.  This is mainly because of where they consume it.  The radio & cable TV vs online radio/steam (spotify,podcast) & netflix/youtube are similar to the "Video killed the radio star" comparison in the 80s.  Bye Felecia!

Soha Lavin - hails from the west coast Vancouver & also had some great insight, make sure to read the article!

Drop a comment below, love to hear your thoughts on new trends you're seeing!


Del Vinyl Entertainment

Owner - Robert Gri 




2017 Toronto GTA Wedding Dj Preferred Venues

Looking for a great venue but want to know the real scoop?  

Did you ask wedding vendors?  Friends, family, & being a guests can give you a great feel, but what about the esoteric details you don't know about?  

For example this picture is @ The Royal Conservatory of Music , a venue that we are a preferred vendor at.  We have worked here many times and know what looks amazing/highlights it & also know what doesn't work.  For example if you are having any video/media before the sun sets you will need televisions & not projectors or else you'll barely be able to see it.  

You only get one shot, hire the right people, and it will go off with out a hitch ( pun intended :)

Recommended wedding vendors also @ The Waterside Inn , Tosca Banquet Hall , South Pond Farms , Century Barn Weddings , & Pane Vino . 



Matt & Grace's Wedding @ The Hilton Markham 2016!

5 Star google review from Matt & Grace's Video Dance Party Wedding!

What an amazing night for an amazing couple.  We provided the HQ Short Throw Projector with a 6x8 rear screen & the music videos were a big hit!  If you are renting off us or have through the venue some sort of display, why not upgrade to an epic experience with a video dance as you already have the display for the whole night!  

Congrats & big shouts to Matt & Grace!



Commitment To Better Business With The CDJ Show 2016

The CDJ show (  is the biggest annual Dj show in Canada!  This show caterers to the artistic & business side of the Dj & Music business.  Who attends?  Aspiring music producers, Club Djs, Wedding Dj's, AV Tech heads, Wedding/Event Planners, etc...

On the business side it's great to attend seminars from some of the industry's best business's who share their success's.  On the artistic side it's great to learn new techniques and interact with well known artists, producers, & Dj's.  Kardinal, Jully Black, Manzone & Strong, Dj Grouch, & world champions Dopey & Vekked to name a few.

This 3 day event is jam packed with seminars starting at 9am to 5pm.  You will find inspiration, education, creativity, & innovation here.  At Del Vinyl we are constantly looking for exciting ways to step up our game and this is a great source!

Thanks to Ryan Silver the show director (below in middle), The CDJA, The PA Shop, & everybody involved in producing the show.

Thanks to the speakers I saw Sean Caff (on right & does Del Vinyl Events!).

Sam Fleming Evolved Entertainment

Future Proofing For Dj's - Excellent presentation where Sean & Sam share their success with new technologies & concepts incorporating experience & history to stay ahead of the curve.

Howard Wallach - Proactive Habits - Developing Powerful tools for personal growth and success .  Thanks Howard I really appreciated your seminar, amazing work!

Brian S Redd -

Reading the Crowd - Music Programming.  Thanks to Brian great class & thanks for changing the game with your take on requests and that magic word!

Dj Vekked & Dj Brace -

Turntablism 101.  Excellent class for those interested in Turntablism & adding creativity to your sets.  Learn techniques from the reigning world DMC Champion Vekked & Canadian DMC Champ Dj Brace who also won the scratch competition!  They shared their techniques and experiences which were absolutely priceless.  Essential for beginners and great for the more experienced.

Although there are not pics of every seminar and we couldn't attend every one. Other great seminars attended were:

Dikran Poladian aka DJ Mushin” Pioneer DJ Pioneer Product Specialist who was profoundly esoteric and great.

Jordan St. Jaques - Digital Marketing - Mind Blown! This guy was phenomenal & paired up with Misstowa who was great as well.  

David Beal -  Being the Dj with Ethnic Music. Great educational class too! 



5 Things No One Tells You About Picking Your Wedding Music

Repost from the article written by Lauren Kay


1. Choosing your first-dance song will seem like the most epic decision ever.

And it kind of is. You want a song that will reflect the two of you as a couple. Try a few on for size and settle on something that works for both of you. Or if you really can't compromise, have your DJ create your own mash-up of two favorites.

Our experience - It is a very subjective choice that reflects your personalities.  Do you want the safe cliche choice or something more original that really has meaning.  We have many gem selections you will not easily find that you get have access to in our consultation.  Creating a mashup of two songs is second nature to us that can easily be done.  One other tip is to shorten the dance to 1.5 minutes approx.  People have short attention spans especially in 2016, why not leave them wanting more instead of talking while this once in a lifetime moment is happening.

2. You'll obsess over your dance skills (or your fiancé's total lack of them).

You may find yourself rushing to dance lessons every Monday night -- you've been warned. Maybe you have four left feet between the two of you or one of you is dead set on wowing guests at your reception. If you have the time and budget, we say get the lessons! Even if you loathe dancing, you'll spend 45 minutes locking eyes with your other half—there are worse ways to spend an evening, right? As soon as you figure out who's the leader, it may will be the best part of your wedding planning.

Our experience - Dance skills are worth the attention and excitement if that's what you want.  We just recently did a wedding where the first 1.5 minutes was Train-Marry Me and then into Drake-Hotline Bling.  They did the popular bad dance Drake does in in the music video, so sometimes bad is good and entertaining!  It's an emotional moment that you shouldn't stress too much about if you don't have dance skills.    


3. Just because your friend plays the violin doesn't mean she wants to perform at your ceremony.

If you really want your friend (who must be an invited guest) to participate in your nuptials, ask her nicely and give her an out immediately. Put yourself in her shoes -- it's hard to say no to a friend. If she does agree, allow her plenty of time to practice (in the months leading up to your wedding and the morning of) so she feels completely comfortable taking the stage. Then thank her profusely.

Our experience - This is a great point and I've seen it go well to completely flop.  Some couples opt to have their friend Dj the wedding.  Do you really want to take a chance with an amateur on one of the most expensive, time consuming, & important days of your life?

4. Not all sound systems are created equal.

Your venue may have a sound system or speakers on hand -- great news! But do yourself a favor and test them out (or, better yet, have your band or DJ do a sound check) to make sure you don't need something with more amp. Do this when there's still time to rent additional equipment, just in case.

Our experience - This is a great point most bride and grooms would not think about this.  A good professional Dj company would know the venue or do a site inspection ( which we do).  Not all in-house sound systems are good and this could have a real negative effect. 

5. You'll want to be the DJ.

Yes, it's your day. Music may be in your blood, but you've hired a professional for the night -- let them do their job. Talk to your DJ or bandleader about what kinds of music you like and dislike. Create a must-play list of about 10 songs you'd like to hear and a do-not play list of the forbidden tunes. And then, trust them to guide the music while you focus on cutting a rug.

Our experience - If you hired a good Dj let their experience and talent create that packed dance floor from start to finish.  Giving your Dj both your top 10 "must play" and all other songs "possibly play", plus "do not play" is essential.  A great Dj will know how and when to play specific genres with experienced programming.  Having an online request system like we do here @ Del Vinyl helps both of us gauge what your guests will want to hear.  Keeping people entertained for 4 + hours of all ages and music preferences is not as easy as hitting play with known popular songs.  Transitioning through music smoothly, sounding seamless, and fast mixing if need be is a skill set and art on its own.  Why does it matter?  People get bored of the Dj that Djs like they did 50 years ago and anybody can just play songs. 

Hope this blog helps and let us know if you're interested in hearing more or booking for your event!

Written originally by Lauren Kay @ with our experience written by owner Robert Gri.



J&J's Wedding @ Eganridge Inn Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Throwback to February 19th, 2011 !

In 2011 before Del Vinyl Entertainment existed, I Deejayed Julia & Joe's wedding @ an outstanding venue called Eganridge Inn, Country Club & Spa.  Eganridge is well known for it's beauty, sophistication, and superior dining.  The one thing that really stood out for me was the west sunset view.  The main reception ballroom has a lake view with windows spanning from one side to the other.  While you are eating dinner you will see a beautiful sunset in the background !!!    

Most people who book for their wedding stay in the Dunsford house which is a great accommodation for the bridal party and immediate family + after party (can't forget that ha).  

Touching back on our previous blog, Eganridge is also a good photo location with the lake and golf course for a backdrop.  Looking for an elegant special events venue that has everything you need plus more in the Kawartha Lakes/cottage country area, this is one of the best.  

Happy 5th year Anniversary to Julia & Joe !

Now that you're Married you get the whipped status !  This was a funny moment I created, if you want to hear the full story drop us a line at .

Written by Robert Placido Anthony Gri

Photo credit Kevin Charlie @



Best Engagement Photo Locations in Ontario !

Unique locations for Engagement Photos


Looking for locations that aren't too cliche for engagement photos? Here are some preferred recommendations of places in Ontario that will make stunning backdrops for your photo session:


Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandy beaches in Ontario??!!! What, What!!! Believe it, this location is filled with gorgeous backdrops to take beautiful engagement photos… added bonus is that the is close by, which has exclusive SB wine not available in the LCBO + they have wood burning pizza!  An absolute personal favourite…’s worth the drive!


Parkwood Estates, Oshawa

The jewel of Durham  !  Well kept outstanding location for engagement photos, ceremonies, and full reception tent Weddings.  This location because of look and style has been popular for many successful Hollywood movie productions like Billy Madison, X-Men, & Undercover Brother to name a few !


Graffiti Alley, Toronto

Looking for a more urban unique artistic look ? Queen Street West from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street beginning at 1 rush lane, Toronto, Ontario Canada. ,


Distillery District

The Distillery District is great for the popular new world meets old urban look.  Brick, history, culture, charm & European feel.  This area also has many thriving Wedding venues like Archeo, The Fermenting Cellar, , Airship 37 Berkeley, & Tappo to name a few !,,


The Grotto, Tobermory

Are you an adventurous couple? Bruce Penninsula National Park offers so many cool places to take engagement photos. Underwater caves, great hiking, and beautiful blue water would make the perfect setting for unique pictures. , www.divinemethod.net …


 The Kortright Centre For Conservation

This location is such a gem! Beautiful backdrops of forest and wooded areas and fields of lush green grass that will make any photo look amazing! This can also double as a beautiful venue to have a green wedding!

Photo credit - , , ,


These are just some of our personal favourites if you have any you would like to reccomend we would love to hear from you !

Del Vinyl Entertainment

Written by Robert & Nadia Gri



"On a Tuesday" Wedding @ The Sheraton Parkway North Toronto

First Wedding of the year & and it was on a Tuesday in January !  

Del Vinyl Provided Dj, Video, Lighting, & complete multiple (Ceremony, Cocktail, & Reception) AV set ups.  Anthony & Cheri had an action packed night with live performances, interactive games, & a music video dance party #SkratchVideo.  The party started at 1030 with old & new well known classics for the older crowd who just did not want to dance!  We quickly changed to the selections of Anthony & Cheri with new top 40 EDM style mixes, EDM, & current Trap/ Rap classics.  

The party was all about the Bride & Groom and their friend's music.  As we said in our last blog, couples want it to be unique, which includes genres, mixes, & remixes of music not normally heard at Weddings.  Their Wedding, Their Way !

Thanks to Polina & Staff @ The Sheraton Parkway North Toronto .  Thanks to Gotie, Jada, Tyrone, & Jack @ Love Forever Studio.

Congrats to Anthony & Cheri !